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Swatch watches


Swatch watches - Swiss made - 2 years warranty 

Tissot watches


Tissot watches - Swiss made - 2 year warranty 

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  • Local store

    If you are in St. John's, please come and visit our store in the downtown. See the new models and select your new watch from our large selection.

  • Authorized dealer

    As an authorized dealer we ensure that you are receiving an authentic watch with full warranty from the manufacturer.

  • In-house watchmaker

    Any adjustment necessary on your new watch will be performed professionally by our in-house Swiss-trained watchmaker.

  • Newfoundland business

    By supporting our business, you are supporting the economy of our province, Newfoundland and Labrador.

  • Since 1999

    Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have been buying from us since we opened 25 years ago. And if you are already one of them : thank you !

  • After-sales service

    From battery replacement, to new leather or metal strap, to full service and repair of your watch, we take care of everything in-house.

We are Grand Time

A Newfoundland company with a store located in St. John's, Grand Time is an authorized dealer for the Swiss watch brands Tissot and Swatch. Mechanical and quartz watches of all sizes and styles.

We also offer watch repair to ALL brands of watches and clocks. Drop by our store with your timepiece and receive an estimate at no charge.

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